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Since 2011 Trail World (previously called Trail Romania) is a proudly partner of Kullamannen Sport Klub Sweden. Together we bring running lovers close to the fantastic paths of Romanian Carpathians and most beautiful Greek island, Crete.

Memorable moments spent together in a land of myths, bears and chamois make our clients come back repeatedly, which is our biggest content.

What Romania has the most amazing to offer to its visitors are the wild mountains and the simple, unspoiled life in the high villages. With enthusiasm and love for trail-running, we put it in display for you. Knowing the mountains like no others, we take the unbeaten trails for a most intense and memorable experience.

Travelling with us is about enjoying magical moments. Don`t be surprised if suddenly, in a meadow at the foot of the beautiful ridges you will feel like singing and dancing. It happens more often than not 😊


Being increasingly popular in the last years, winter trail running is a joy for those who are not afraid of cold and snow. What can be more pleasant than sharing the days running stories in front of the fire place, with new and old friends together?

Join the winter action and you will discover a fairy-tale land of white sunny peaks and dark misty forests.


Our Mission

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