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BECOME A TEAM MEMBERWould you like to be a guide?

As one of our runners once said: ”A happy guide is a great guide!”. At Trail World, we want our guides to be happy, to do what they love and put their passion for running on the line. The rest of the deal is on us. Get in touch!
Great Team
We know how important is to be honest, opened, friendly and help each-other achieve our goals. A great team does that and we pride ourselves on being just that: a great team!
Frequent Tours
Our aim is be able to offer our guides, as well as our clients, a variety of tours and trail-camps, that will cover the entire year. Moreover, we plan on organizing tours with a high frequency, so one should expect to be fully booked soon.
See the amazing Carpathians
The Carpathians, on the Romanian side, are one of the most intriguing and exciting natural habitats in Europe, both for their natural value and thanks to the fact that they are not yet affected by the mass-tourism industry.
Awesome Locations
We hand-picked our tours and camps locations to be sure we get the most of the natural wonders the Carpathians offer.
Best Tourists
We pride ourselves with the human quality of those who enjoy our camps and tours. Their personal values, their inner view of the world, of nature, sport, adventure and friendship...
Orientation and Mobility Skills
If you want to become a guide in our team you should be able to prove your orientation and mobility skills.
Enjoy the work you do
This is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of what we do. From starting a camp to the last day, the opportunities to feel happy, satisfied and enriched by what you do arise constantly. We could talk for hours about how enjoyable that is, but you should see it for yourself. Get in touch!

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