Sales conditions

All trail camps are provided by Trail World Limited (“the Company”, “we”, “our” or “us”) and are sold subject to our general conditions of sale.

Your enrollment onto one of our holidays will be taken into account only upon receipt of your filled and signed reservation if it is made by mail, or filled and validated reservation if it is made on our website, and this is only so long as there is availability for your holiday at the time we receive your reservation.

This reservation must be accompanied by a 50% deposit of the total amount of the holiday if the reservation takes place more than 30 days before the departure or if the reservation takes place less than 30 days before departure we require a deposit of 100% of the total amount of the holiday. The balance must be paid one month before the beginning of the holiday if not specifically stated different.


In case of cancellation on your part (except when you find a suitable and willing replacement), the cancellation fee will be kept by Trail World Limited:

  •   More than 30 days before the departure: 50 € per person for set-up fees.
  •   Between 29 and 21 days before the departure: 25% of the full price of your holiday.
  •   Between 20 and 8 days before the departure: 50% of the full price of your holiday.
  •   Between 7 and 2 days before the departure: 75% of the full price of your holiday.
  •   Less than 2 days before the departure: 100% of the full price of your holiday.
  • COVID cancellations constitutes exceptions and they are explained separately in the tour description.

Do not forget to inform us immediately of your need to cancel your holiday so that we can validate your date of cancellation.


The interruption of a holiday by a participant cannot give rise to a refund. See the conditions of repayment proposed by your insurance.

Modification of your holiday

With more than 30 days before the departure, if you wish to change your holiday or the date of your holiday, a lump sum of 50€ will be retained per person. With less than 30 days before departure, any modification of your holiday will be regarded as a cancellation and the higher expenses of cancellation presented will apply.

Any modification of your holiday that involves Trail World Limited contracting the services of external people (for example, the hiring of vehicles, air transport, maritime transport etc) and creates expenses in modification will be the responsibility of the customer in addition to the expenses retained by Trail World and described previously.

If your holiday is cancelled by us because the minimum number of participants is not reached, or as a result of conditions questioning the safety of the participants, or for a case of absolute necessity and it is at least 21 days before the departure, you will be proposed, in the majority of the cases at least, a formula for replacement. If this formula is not convenient for you, you will be entirely refunded.

The prices

The price of the holiday is the one announced in the offer. The services inclusive and not inclusive during the holiday are specified in the description presenting the holiday. Supplements and reductions are usually available on the same descriptive page.


Trail World cannot replace the several liabilities for each participant. Each participant must take responsibility for obtaining all of the documents necessary for the successful completion of the holiday (for example, identity papers, authorizations, visas).

Each participant is responsible for his own luggage and must ensure his luggage is present before and after every transfer.

As a trail camp organizer, Trail World works with various people providing services and receiving benefits (hotel keepers, managers of accommodation, carriers, various other people receiving benefits) and must not be confused with these other providers who retain their appropriate responsibility.


Our holidays include for the most part activities in the open air and in nature and are activities presenting risks inherent to the practice of the activities themselves. Each participant assumes these risks in full knowledge of

the facts and makes a commitment not to make Trail World, the guides or the various providers involved, carry the responsibility of the accidents or the incidents which can arise in the normal frame of the activities. This clause also applies to any legal successor and to the members of the family of the participant.

Every participant has to conform to the rules of prudence and follow the advice given by the guide, who cannot be considered as the person responsible for the accidents resulting from the carelessness of a member of the group.

Trail World Limited reserves the right, if particular circumstances questioning the safety of the group demand it, to modify the route or certain services of the program, directly or through the guide.


Trail World Limited does not sale insurances.

It is recommended for a participant to possess an individual insurance for multi-risk and multi-activity holidays (expenses of cancellation, research – help, repatriation, medical expenses, theft of luggage, etc.) adapted well to the activities to be undertaken as part of the holiday.

The insurance assistance from which many participants benefit in a general contract is often minimal. This type of coverage is rarely adapted to the types of holidays that we propose.

Photos / illustrations

Correspondingly photos and illustrations contained on our web site have no contractual character.

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