Check out the questions below and if you still require assistance from our team, contact us and we will gladly help!
My partner likes to hike. Can he/she come along?
Absolutely. We frequently have one or two partners on a trip who prefer to hike instead of trail run. Our guide(s) will do everything possible to accommodate him or her. In general, many of the day trips we undertake can be accomplished as a hike, sometimes with the addition of a bus, train or tram ride.
During the day, it’s often possible for the hiker to meet the trail running crew at a hut or inn. Some trips are better suited for a combination of hiking and trail running.
To discuss options, please drop us a note
How hard are the runs you do?
Here at Trail Romania, we split our groups in 3 difficulty categories. EASY, MEDIUM and HARD. Joining one of these categories depends on your experience as a trail runner, the overall distance of the runs and the pace you want to approach.

We usually attribute a colour to each difficulty category, similar to the way ski slopes are categorized – green for easy, red for medium, black for hard. See more details about the difficulties here.
Are there easier options along the way?
If you find the programed trail-runs being to hard, or your running form is not at top, we have options for you: you can hike, rest, go to a spa or train separately.
What about the altitude?
The altitude, meaning the elevation difference we are going to cover, is one of the criteria we use to define difficulty. Be sure to check out the info here and choose properly. For any inquiries contact us at [email protected]
What happens if I have an injury?
At Trail World we put safety first and that means also making sure that we do everything in our power to prevent injuries - a good warm-up, a suited pace depending on the terrain, quality food and accommodation.
However, if the injury happens, we make sure we assess the seriousness of the injury and discuss the available options accordingly: medical assistance, medical recovery, rest and physiotherapy and so on.

I’m travelling alone – is that OK?
Depending on our availability we can customise a single tour for you.
Can I book a single room?
Yes we offer the option to book a single room in our trail camps, for an extra charge. Check out the tour info to see how much is this charge.
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