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Agile | Passionate | PatientOana Iercoșan
Born in the most western city of Romania, I was always attracted by mountains. It wasn't long since I moved to Brasov, the most beautiful mountain town in Transylvania. I have worked and climbed as a mountain guide and ski instructor for the last years in various capacities.

In my spare time I have also explored the Alps and the Dolomites, but my favourite playground remains Romanian mountains.
Enthusiastic | Inquisitive | AdventurousMihai Zlăvog
On the mountains since childhood, trail running guide for more than 10 years.
Having been raised in Bucharest, 2 hours from the Carpathian heights, I have spent my life exploring and climbing every single peak in Romania.

I believe that Romania is the greatest small country for trail running and hiking in Europe. Its tumultuous history, culture and geography keep it wild and untamed. Exploring this amazing country’s mountains is by far the best way to enjoy it.
Friendly | Happy | MotivationalNoemi Rusnok
Youngest in the team, I joined Trail Romania 2 years ago, and I've been amazed by the beauty of Romanian Carpathians. Born at the foot of Polish Carpathians I always been fascinated by the heights. Guiding The Highlands and The Carpathians, I am always eager for the next trail adventure.
Calm | Interested | EngagingMihai Munteanu
A love for mountains along with a passion for wilderness travel and photography has allowed me to chase many childhood dreams.

Once upon a time I used to go to work in a suit.
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